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I need some expert opinions on whether Daisy is female or male. For the longest time I was sure she was female, but the other day I noticed she had a BEARD. I've had Daisy since August, I'm not exactly sure how old she is since I got her from petsmart. I'm guessing around a year and a half by now.

Female characteristics:
She has a prominent egg spot
Does not build bubble nests
Has appeared to get eggy from time to time, but she could just be bloated
Flares straight at an opponent
Shows breeding bars when placed near other males

Male characteristics:
Very long anal fin and her pectorals are pretty substantial too
Flares from the side sometimes

View attachment 48636
BEARD SIGHTING! (sorry it's so blurry, the mirror reflected the flash)
View attachment 48637
View attachment 48638
View attachment 48639
View attachment 48640

Thanks for any help!!

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Thank you so much!!! I was still leaning towards female, but then I saw the beard and I was like... really? lol!!! Amaya is beautiful, i remember her!! Are you breeding her??
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