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Went for plants, left with a betta.

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Well, that wasn't planned. :lol: I went to PetSmart to check out the live plants for a planted tank I intend to set up soon. While there, I passed a betta that I absolutely could not leave the store without. He's a male Halfmoon, and i'm not sure on what to call his color. His 10g setup is temporary, thrown together on a whim with some plastic plants, a piece of driftwood and a random ornament.

Any name ideas?

Here's some pics, with and without flash:

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Neat coloration! He's really pretty!

I don't have any name suggestions, but that green makes me think of camouflage.
He's gorgeous! That green/black colour reminds me a lot of the colour my betta, Gray, started showing when he started to marble.

I have a good feeling your boy will likely colour up as he settles in to his new home :) You will have to keep us updated on how he looks!

As for names, I always pick names from the tv shows that I watch. Mostly from animes xD So I'm terrible with coming up with names on the spot.
I thought the same thing about camouflage. :) Funny how he looks in the first picture too. From the side, he looks like Donald Duck a little.

Sathori- Definitely will do! To be honest, I hope his colors don't change too much as I love his pattern. I really wanted a white betta the first time I picked mine out but they didn't have any, so this guy stood out and was begging to go home.
wow, he is beautiful
Honestly, I bought Gray because he was a gorgeous white betta with black spots. I did not know about marble bettas at that time, but now I buy mostly white bettas, with some colour, in hopes of watching them change colour xD

I was slightly disappointed when I bought one, who looked like he was going to change color, stayed the same. However he seems to be all my guests' favourite, so his colour has grown on me ;P He's a pretty, golden champagne colour.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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