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Went in for cat food, came out with this pink thing

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Stopped at Petco on the way home to grab some canned food.

I made my usual stop at the Betta stand to see if a particular fish was still on the shelf (he was), but then I saw the sorriest little pink thing ever in the display for too-tiny Betta bowls.

He looked droopy, like he'd rather be anywhere else.

Soooo he came home with me (whoops).

Meet Moss! He'll be sharing a divided tank with Sol after his initial quarantine. (I'm thinking of splitting a Spec V). He perked up immediately at home so he may not be as pathetic and potentially ill as I though.

I've never seen such a pearly pink Betta. Do you think he'll darken up a bit?

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Ohh he's so cute! The ones I bring home seem to change color once they settle in a larger environment and become happier. So perhaps yours will too. But hopefully the pink will stay :).
I don't think he looks unhealthy at all. I think he could be a marble which means he may well go more of the blue colour, or he might go more white pink, or he just could stay the same. He is very pretty.
thanks -- I'm excited to see what happens with his colors :)

I'm glad you think he looks healthy - maybe it was just the little dirty bowl he was in that made him look so unhappy. He looked a little clamped in the store but I haven't seen any clamping at home.
He's really pretty! I love pink bettas!
His face in the second picture cracks me up. I see why you couldn't resist bringing him home! :)
he is going to be stunning, and you story is all to common. you are lucky you only got one
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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