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What am I doing wrong?

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Bo was on the mend from Fin Rot. I had treated with tetracycline and he got worse so I 'detoxed' him with twice-treated water that contained epsom salt and daily water changes. After two weeks of fighting the fin rot, he was fie and frisky.

I changed his water less frequently and put a filter on his 2-gallon tank (says 2.5 but two gallon jugs or water fill it up.) The last time I changed his water he seemed really stressed so I floated some Rooibos tea (organic) in the tank for an hour. He got really mellow, but still ate like a little pig.

I cleaned out his tank 100% and looked at him in his betta cup and... his find are stripped to ribbons. I removed the filter and put some tetraycline in the water.

I have Jungle Fungus eliminator fiz tabs (all I could find) and will chop one in half and put it into a 5 gallon jug of water since it treats 10 gallons, but... am I doing something wrong? He was getting better. Now this?

Should I stop the tetracycline and go back to epsom salt (a little over 2 tsp in 2 gallons) or use the fiz tabs? Both? Help!

Here is how he looks: Sorry for vid, my camera wasn't able to catch him without being blurry.
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I believe tetracycline can be pretty hard on bettas and can potentially cause damage to the liver if used too long or at the wrong dosage.

I only use medication in case of serious infection or disease. Fin rot is generally treatable with high-protein foods and clean, heated water tinted with IAL like Bombalurina said above.

Unless you are very certain of what you are treating for, don't medicate. Using the wrong medication at the wrong time can lead to resistant strains of bacteria that are going to be near impossible to eradicate. Also medications can be hard on an already stressed fish, so it's always important to select the right one and dose it according to the instructions.
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