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I did a search to see who I can contact if my dear fishy becomes super sick.
Interestingly, I found a certified fish vet who can do phone consults across the country and will even do visits if he was scheduled to travel to your state.

He apparently looks after all aquatic animals, ranging from sharks in large aquariums to pet goldfish. There was also a bunch of PDFs in his site regarding fishcare. (Interestingly, in the section on tropical fish, he listed gravel/filtration system/heater/thermometer/water conditioner/fish food/nets as essential items. I dont have a net >.<)

I know most ppl ask for help on forum because most vets do not treat fish. I was just wondering if there was anyone who actually had to involve a fish vet for their betta fish or any other pet fish? What was the experience like?

Just for interest, I was looking at this vet:
He sells some pretty funky medication and pathology services too.
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