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What betta is this? (New fishy!)

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Hey guys,

I have a new betta. He doesn't have a name yet (help me out?), though I think he looks like the inside of a seashell. I'm wondering what kind of betta he is (other than veil)? The person at the petshop said albino, but I don't think so. He is sort of half white, half cellophane, with these amazing pink areas (and some of the pink/coral areas are metallic--such as around his eyes and gills). He also has 'freckles' and a brown bit that you can see along the fin.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry about the camera phone pics. I turned the flash off too not to spook him.
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i don't know the name but there awesome :) i had a light colored VT female like that
He reminds me of a ghost :eek:
heey guys i don't no the answer to ypur fish but i have a question have my own.... how do i make my own posts like forum thingy? sorry im clueless
Although it is hard to tell with the dark pictures, he almost looks like a tri-color to me.
i would say tri or bi-colored cambodian. Def cambodian.
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