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What do you feed your Cory?

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I have 6 Axelrod Cory and will be getting 5 Albino Cory for my other 10 gallon when it finishes it cycle. Right now I am feeding them a homemade flake by my LFS. It is made up of a 50/50 plant/animal flake. It's 43% protein fat 8% and moisture is 9%. My Cory seem to eat it fine, but a few times I'll see them pass the food through their gills. I'm thinking they may prefer something else. So is there any recommended foods for these guys.
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Algae wafers but they also eat tropical flakes dried bloodworms and anything that sinks to the bottom.
I feed mine, algae wafers every couple of days & the sinking catfish pellets. I just got some freeze dried blood worms, they may all get treats tonight
Nutrafin Sinking pellets. They also eat any fish food that falls down. My albino has learned to catch it before it hits the ground.
I feed mine hikari algae wafers and whatever falls to bottom...they seem to especially like frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp w/spirulina.
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