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what happened, Josie?

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i dunno what happened with her. she was fine. very curious, very friendly. she even put up with Medic's constant wiggling in the tank beside her. she was god for Medic, who used to glass surf in the back of her tank, despite the tank being planted up very well.

i fed her yesterday, when i fed everyone else. she was chillin' in her IAL, but scooted out to eat. seemed normal.

then, last night, i found her on the bottom of her tank, dead. i hadn't had her very long, and there was nothing strange about her.... maybe that batch of fish was just bad, because i lost the guppies i bought the same day as well...

RIP, Josie-baby. i already miss your friendly self.

i plan on putting Pyro in her tank, and putting Stephano in Pyro's tank. after it's fully sterilized, though. since i have NO clue what happened. :< i hate mystery deaths...
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aww poor josie, same thing what happen to me with Aris :(
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