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What tank mates should I get for my Betta?

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So my Betta has developed a problem with tail biting, and I am trying desperately to correct it. I figured I would give a tank mate a shot because I heard those can help, but I never intended to have more than a Betta when I set up my tank. It is only 5 gallons and is consistently at 79-80 degrees F, and it is also planted. I would really like some type of bottom feeder fish, like a catfish, but everything said I needed at least 10 gallons to do that, so I guess I would only really be able to have snails or shrimp. Problem is, all the tank mates that are recommended for a 5 gallon tank have different water parameters than my Betta (mainly they like lower temperatures than 80 degrees). Like Nerite snails for example were my favorite option, but they do better in water under 78 degrees. I need something with a low bio-load because my filter is not the greatest, so definitely not a snail that can reproduce on it's own. The closest I have found to something working would be to get 3 ghost shrimp. I am frustrated trying to find something that would work in my tank. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Nerites are found in waters round about 78 degrees and up to 86.
80 degrees is perfectly fine and in fact the average temperature in their habitats.
Leave them some algae in the tank or grow your own (boulders or stones in a jar filled with water on the window).
The horned ones won‘t leave the tank.
Alright, that's good to know about the temperature. I was also concerned about them trying to escape because I do not have a super secure lid, so that tip about the horned ones not being escape artists is helpful! My only other concern is that I know you normally feed them tablets or blanched vegetables. My tank doesn't have a lot of algae in it because it is small so I would have to give it something. I don't have access to boiling water (I live in dorms) so I can't blanch vegetables. However, with the algae tablets I am worried that my Betta will try to eat them. My friends Bettas eat her algae tablets the second she drops them in the tank and they get super bloated. I don't know what I could safely (for my betta) feed the snail.
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