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What to do with my 8gal.

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I have this 8 gal (originally thought it was 6.5 but my maths is pants so don't judge :-D) hexagonal tank that's flat back. Not sure on exact measurements and can't find another the same online or in shops so I'm assuming they just don't sell it anymore. It was a bargain from a car boot sale for £2. The glass is in top condition but the lid, which is a flimsy plastic one with large holes in the side where I think the previous owner had cut out to put in lights and there is some cracks and light damage. What can I do with it to patch it up? I will be fitting a small strip light into it and a thick, clear plastic cover into the lid to cover the light fitting to prevent injury to any fish I put in there. I've been debating alsorts of fish to put in it as other half didn't want another betta but I think i've won him round to the idea of a female betta as opposed to a male this time. I've also got my lfs on the lookout for a plakat for me as I've reasoned with other half that a short tail would be a nice addition.

This is hopefully going to be my little summer project to keep my mind busy before I go back to college in september so I'm not really bothered if it takes a while but is there anything I can realistically do with the lid or am I better off just binning it and hunting for (or making) a new one?
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There is acrylic cement on the market, although any two-part epoxy will work. Drilling a small hole at the start of any crack will stop its propagating.

Whether it is worth it depends on the cost of a replacement.
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