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What to expect with these two?

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So! I am hoping to be breeding my OHM male, Symphony this summer with two other spawns. I love my fish to have big bodies with full but not huge fins.

So my goal here is to have fry with the bigger plakat bodies and still a good chunk of finnage. Along the lines of giants I suppose. Symphony has a decent sized body. He's not a big boy but he is long. He's got a huge spread caudal and almost everything meets up. He's a chronic fin biter and I've only had him have almost full fins once. We're trying again in the iso tank right now.

I'm hoping to also keep his black beard and black eyes. I know this will be harder to do but I'm willing to work on that through the line.

Now I've picked out a girlfriend for him. Its a little HMPK. She's a platinum and very cute.

Are there things to watch out for? I'm expecting to get a mixture of the black grizzle in with the babies as well. I'm hoping to get a few with the big bodies and bigger fins though.
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White is very recessive. White x white doesn't necessarily produce white . . . well not clean white anyway. It highly depends on parent's genetic background.

The male seems to have both irids and black. So he doesn't have "complete" blond genes. And the female is platinum - it has a steel blue and metallic background. You can expect various color outcomes from multi copper, irid, cambodian/ grizzle, and white. If lucky even platinum.
Awesome!! So weird question... If I keep selectively breeding do you think I can wiggle down to one outcome or do you think it will be much harder than I realize?
What's your opinion on the outcome for body and fin size? Do you think that will be a mixed bag as well? For some reason I feel like bettas break the rules of how genes work. They make me nervous >.>
Though difficult, yes it is possible. You need to pair the "right" ones - which is often difficult. . . . that's what line breeding is all about.

You should produce a good number of nice bodies and fins. Offspring should mostly be long finned, but this depends on their background . . . does the male have a PK background. As HM x HM does not = 100% HM, you can expect some DeT.

Try to get as many survive to adult. Select what you "need" then in breed.
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The male I really don't know much about unfortunately. I got him from Catw0man on a canada adventure last year. He does have a good size body but I wouldn't say its PK or Giant in general. I think I just feed everyone really well.... :/ So ideally I should try to get one that I like and breed again. I assume I'd be breeding to the female? That's the hard part. Also, how early do you think I should start conditioning them?
I suggest waiting until the female's body is at least 3.5 cm. But if you can wait longer, it would be better.

If you want long fins, breed F1 x F1.
If going for PK, breed F1 male to mother.

Forgot; is that the male's original fin . . . I mean, is his caudal short because of tailbiting or is it actually shorter than the anal fins. You will need to find fry with fairly equal fin lengths to breed further.
He's a terrible fin biter. We're working on growing everything out right now in my qt. I'm not quite sure where everything meets up completely. The last picture is the closest I've gotten him to a full tail and even then it was still growimg. He just destroys it for some reason :(
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