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What to look for when buying a fish?

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Today I may or may not make a rescue from petco, I prefer to buy from breeders, but I'm going, and I get very tempted sometimes :p

So last time I bought, alf of my fish were sick. So what to look for? I'm going for 2 female bettas probably. I already have a sorority and they would be a nice addition, and I'm going to rearange the decor anyway when I get home.
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Okay, Here is a list for what to look for in Betta Fish:
. Flared Out Fins
. Bright Colors
. Active and Alert
. No Sign Of Sickness ( Example: White Fuzz, Ripped Fins, Swollen Eye, Etc. )
It is hard to figure out which fish are healthiest. One of the tricks I use is to go to the store shortly after the new shipments arrive (like the day of or the next morning). The fish will have only been in the cups for a few days. For healthy bettas look for ones that aren't standing nose up or nose down (bottom-sitting is okay). No fuzz or anything on the fins or body. If you can bring a little mirror and have them flare that would be a good test. If you see any flashing that's another bad sign. Best of luck! And make sure you get females. Sometimes the pet store females turn out to be males.
I have one that may be a male, but s/he is leavign the other fish alone so ill wait and see. s/he flares at the other fish, but my girls flare at each other to say "go away"
Well you should look for a active fish with bright colors.
Sometimes the fish will choose you if so get it, if it looks
somewhat sick it will most likely heal up with proper care.

Good Luck!
lol how do u no if it chooses u?
A fish chooses you, when you feel it in your gut that you just have to have that fish.
My fish, Gyarados chose me (pictured). When I went to the pet store, I didn't care for his color (which was mostly red with a TINY bit of blue that was barely noticeable). There were better looking fish like halfmoons and crowntails. But he was the most active fish and he kept following me in fast, swift motions and would snap his mouth at me whenever I got close. I found myself continuously looking at him, despite me being unimpressed with his colors (and look at them now!) and I told myself that if I couldn't help but look at him one more time, I'd get him. And it happened. XD

But yes, you want to have active fish (not ones that look like they're hurting themselves like flipping out, banging against the sides repeatedly), vivid and bright colors, no flat fins held close to the body, spread out, and aren't floating at the top or laying on the bottom even when you approach.
Yep. I've had that feeling before. I went back out to the store and bought it behind my family's back! :p
lol how do u no if it chooses u?

Well the fish chooses you by lets say if you were walking by, the fish swam up to you and did sort of a dance.. thats when you know you have to have that fish
one of them I HAD to get because every time i came near she got all excited and was swimming all over the place and it was so cute and im like awww
I'd like to say Laos chose me. When I was looking through all the betta at the pet store he was the only one who actually seemed attentive, he would literally splash a bit when i was looking at him. Now that hes home hes a show boater. Anytime someone is paying attention to his tank he's all over the place. I've been trying to get a picture of him but he wont stay still. :-?
Heh...that's how I got Rudis. This little grayish-blue fish kept following me around it's tiny bowl as I walked back and forth. I really wasn't looking to buy a betta but it was so cute and active (and supposedly a girl). Long story short, I couldn't leave him behind.
I know my Bettas chose me. They got all exited when I went near their cups and I knew I just had to have them.
My buddy Blaze chose me. I was at my local pet supplies plus just buying new supplies for my betta tank. I was expecting to buy my boy from the place I usually get them from later that day but of course I glanced through the poor bettas there and Blaze just was so active and happy, following me. I just had to take him home, couldn't say no to his little face.
Definitely love it when a fish chooses you. :) I don't like cambodians normally, but Demeter kept following me around and looking adorable with her little blue eyes that I had to have her.
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