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What would go well in this setup? (video)

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Hey everyone. I just introduced my Betta to his new tank today. It's a 3 gallon Tetra Glofish aquarium, I'd like to add one more fish and looking for some advice.

Please don't lecture me on tank size, I know I cannot put lots of fish in a 3gal aquarium. I am looking for one more fish, smaller then the Betta to go in and if they do not play well together I will remove and put in my turtles tank (I have had a turtle for five years and he lives very well with small fish even though he is almost a foot long)

Here is my Betta setup, any advice?
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It's a beautiful tank for just a betta, but there are no other fish that will be able to live in there. Almost all other small fish need groups or schools, and that would overstock you. Further, it doesn't have a big enough footprint for other species.

If you want a companion, look at a nerite snail or some shrimp.

Beautiful betta, by the way. :) What's his name?
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