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What would go well in this setup? (video)

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Hey everyone. I just introduced my Betta to his new tank today. It's a 3 gallon Tetra Glofish aquarium, I'd like to add one more fish and looking for some advice.

Please don't lecture me on tank size, I know I cannot put lots of fish in a 3gal aquarium. I am looking for one more fish, smaller then the Betta to go in and if they do not play well together I will remove and put in my turtles tank (I have had a turtle for five years and he lives very well with small fish even though he is almost a foot long)

Here is my Betta setup, any advice?
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Thanks. in the past I've had a 20g and 40g community and 90g(turtle) tank, but never a small 3g tank or betta before.

I'm thinking a ghost shrimp might do the trick.

I haven't named him yet. I have my niece and nephew coming in from overseas. I'm going to let them name the little guy when they get here next week.
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