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My tank set up:
10 Gallon
Water Conditioner: Prime
Temp: 80 degrees
I change water half way once a month.

I do not have the money for the proper liquid water test kit so i don't have numbers for pH or anything else.

My tank has been set up for several months this way and things have been fine until as of 2 days ago.

I used to have glo-fish in with my betta and they lived fine for quite some time until I noticed the glo-fish started picking on my betta. I have since removed the glo-fish and stuck them in a seperate tank.

I checked my betta to see how much damage had been done from the glo-fish picking on him, his fins are what took the major toll but I noticed patches on his face. I'm not sure if they picked at his face or if this is fungus so what would you say? I can only take a video because it's super hard to get a picture with the flash on because he hates the super bright flash.

The clouded water is from a 14 day feeder that I just put in because I'm about to go on vacation. (The package said it wouldn't cloud the water lol false advertising I'd say).

Because he doesn't swim or really act sick I'm thinking it's just injury, I have been treating with Melafix.

But I don't want to diagnose wrong so would you say this is fungus or just injury from mean glo-fish?

I got a pic actually

those bluey looking spots on his face is my concern

Is it possible they're just color coming in from him growing up?
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