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I don't know if he's sick or what, but my new betta Jett has been acting strange lately. He is a very young fish, barely more than a fry. He hasn't wanted to eat, I'm talking like he'll only eat three pellets a week and he normally eats two every day. I'm getting ready to move him up to a nice 10L tank that needed to be cleaned after P.K's death. Anyways, the tips of his tail are blood red, his gills seem inflamed, although they're usually a bit reddish. He's just been lying half on his side at the bottom of the smaller tank. I'm thinking maybe he's just depressed? I'm hoping it's more psychological and not an illness. Thanks for the help.

R.I.P P.K.
Hopefully not R.I.P yet: Jett

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Can you tell us more about him?

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