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Whats his color?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Wasn't sure weather to pose here or in the betta chat. Anyways this is Aki got him from walmart, just a basic VT. He was at walmart for like 4 weeks. I got fed up seeing him their everyweek and bought him. Thats the short version. Anyways I don't really know what to classify him color wise. He is kind of a dull orange/brown. Honestly I think he is a tad ugly, but he is growing on me lol and I know thats why no one bought him in all those weeks. So any suggestions or is he just a mutt?

Oh and his name is Aki. I named him like 2 days before I even bought him. After seeing him there a few days before i started planning for him lol. Anyways once I bought him I found out it meant Autumn. Anyways I thought that was perfect as his coloring reminds me of fall.

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I don't think so...I may be wrong but where its that bluish color in the pics it is actually that color and I expect once I get him in a proper home and such it will only get darker..
I agree, I'd wait to see if with a nice healthy home he changes color, cuz he just might. :D

Not a great color, but a good story. :D glad someone got him :)
Yeah he just moved into my 10 gallon divided 4 times yesterday. I divided it just for him until I can find a better home and my extra heater stops being used. I am hoping I will find something at a garage sale in the next few weeks. Though since we are moving it may have to wail until around july anyways. But anywho thanks I do like him and he is a camera hog lol
He looks like a rusty copper tone, but appears to shift colors to orange in some of the pics. I think all Bettas are beautiful and that he is "ugly" because his color probably faded from being stressed in Walmart. Hust a side note, but i would watch those ragged ends on his fins, because they look black and could be fin rot. If the ragged fins get worse, i recommend frequent water changes and aquarium salt. Other than that, good luck with your new boy!
I checked its his natural color. If I thought for even a minute it was rot he would be by himself. He has bad breeding that made his fins ragged that or he has some CT genes in there somewhere. And the dark color is actually a dark blue. Okay I have to agree with that whole ugly comment, but I will be honest and say that he won't be winning any beauty contests. But don't let my comment make you think I love him any less. Because seriously to live in a cup as long as he had he is a real fighter. (though the lady who cares for the fish does an amazing job.)
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