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I noticed that some of you who have catfish don't have enough. Cories, plecos, etc need to be in groups of at least 4.
Also, I'd strongly advise against danios in anything smaller than a 40 gallon. They can't be their hyper, fast-swimming selves in a 10 gallon tank.

At one time I had my 10 gallon divided for two bettas- one male on one side, and one female on the other.
Then I rearranged some stuff and I took out the divider and made it into a betta sorority with 8 females, 5 neon tetras, and two nerite snails.
Last week I moved them all over to my 55- I divided a section for them with craft mesh/plastic canvas. I think it's about 8 gallons worth of space. Although at first I didn't have a ton of plant coverage until the next day and the bettas made quick work of killing the two remaining neon tetras. 0.0 Maybe they killed the other three in the other tank- they just disappeared over time... but there was enough plant cover in there for them to be not out in the open so much...
Somehow fish from the main section of the tank keep ending up in the bettas' section. There are 3 serpae tetras and one pearl danio in there and I can't figure out how they got in. And I'm having a hard time getting them out.
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