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What's in YOUR Betta First Aid Kit?

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I realized recently that if I had an emergency, it would be a good idea to already have basics on hand to treat Zen, rather than having to anxiously make an emergency trip into town (not my style).

So I placed an order and rounded up supplies I already had.
Here is what mine will look like (I realize it may not be perfect but it is a start in the right direction and def better than nothing!).

What's in YOUR kit?

Betta First Aid Kit

Aquarium Salt
Epsom Salt
Indian Almond Leaves
Seachem Prime
Seachem Paraguard
Vitachem (which I may start to use daily, not sure)

I used two old spice bottles for each of the salts and labeled them.

Hospital tank (now I know why I kept that first tank)
A tiny sponge filter (new) for a hospital tank
Extra heater
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That's a good idea! I already have all the equipment for a hospital tank. I do not have any of the First Aid salts/meds/etc... Do those things expire? would suck to buy something and just have it sit there not use until it expires.
they probly do expire but...I will likely deal when or if the time comes! Good point. It is insurance, and I won't be running wildly around worried...mostly to make me feel more comfortable, I think! lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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