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Personally I love it when it covers most of the top, but my plants do NOT like that well actually the jungle Val really didn't seem to care but I've added more plants that I don't think will appreciate that.

I want enough that it still does its job of soaking up excess nutrients if there is any and provides a place to hide at the top for my betta but not so much it's blocking light from my plants. I'm really struggling to find what this amount is. To not block light it seems like I'd have to have an extremely small amount of sal (maybe like 20-30 pieces) because pretty much every inch of my tank has a plant but is that enough that if something goes wrong it can suck up the nutrients until I can fix it?

Also how does it reproduce? I've been thinning it drastically but I'm so scared I'm going to thin it too much and it won't be able to come back. How do I know which ones to take out? There will be ones that look pretty ...not great (looks munched on, thanks snails) but sometimes they wil have a new one spouting off of it. But Simetimes I see clearly baby ones (just a leaf of 2) all by itself so idk where it came from. So when it's dying it makes a new one? Should I leave the dingy ones and take out nicer ones? When I first got it it took like 2 months for it to start reproducing in my tank so I'm scared to upset it.

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