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whats wrong with my betta?

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hi my betta fish has clamped fins all of a sudden but he opens them when he sees me he has a varied diet bottom feeder it lasts for 7 days+ he used to not have clamped fins he tore his fins bad recently but i removed the sharp plants and there healing now please help fast!!!!!!!

p.s he opens his fins when i feed him bloodworm treats.
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What is the temp of the tank? Is it heated? What is the bottom feeder?

There is a sticky, 3rd one down, with questions to answer so other can help :)
i dont have a themomitor or heater so i cant tell. the bottom feeder i forgot the name of it but contains bloodworms,white shrimp etc.
You should invest in a thermometer to get the temperature of the water. Bettas need to be between 76-82 degrees. Somewhere right in the middle is a good spot. For example mine is usually at 79-80.
What size tank do you have?
Are the fins clamped only when he's still? They can rest like this. My Norman sometimes chills at the bottom of the tank or in a plant like this, but when he swims around and when I interact with him his fins are open.
I think if you have some kind of multi day feeder in there take it out and do a water change. It might be polluting your water. People here generally advise against multi day feeders. Only feed what they will eat in a couple minutes and take any extra out before it rots and makes your fish sick.
Filling out the sticky is the first step in getting accurate help. I agree with Huckleberry77: Take out that feeder.
what? the pet store owner said it helps clean the tank and sometimes he opens his fins to swim i dont think he is resting and i do a water changes every sunday

i have a 3 gallon circulaur tank

p.s he eats the botom feeder fine and he loves it
I'm confused. Is this bottom feeder a creature on the bottom of the tank or an automatic feeder?
Fill out the sticky...or not... but if you want help you will.

I'm sorry, but your answers have been very confusing: Is the "bottom feeder" another fish or a 7-day feeding disk?

Both Huckleberry77 and I thought you were talking about a feeder disk <<snip>> the bottom feeder i forgot the name of it but contains bloodworms,white shrimp etc. <<snip>>
no it is food that stays at bottom for betta to feed on sorry

basicly a automatic feeding disc

what do you mean a sticky

and it helps not polute the water
An automatic feeder would not help clean your tank.
it doesnt clean it it helps not to polute the water
here lets get off this feeding subgect and get to my betta fish PLEASE
They're asking to have you fill out this form for us. Copy and paste it, fill it out and post it so we havr more information.
The food left in the tank creates ammonia which is toxic, causes fins to clamp, and leads to death. The temperature of the water is just as important.
+1 and the reason we stayed on the food thing.

A picture would help, too. Every little bit you notice ~ even if it seems unimportant ~ aids people trying to help you.
well a heater is expensive
At least, if nothing else, get a thetmometer to check the temperature. Maybe it's in the range for bettas and will be fine while you look for a heater that's in your price range. You can find cheaper ones online sometimes. But at least find out what tje water temperature is. You may have to warm up the room he's in if the temperature is too low. Temperature is important, cold water really harms your fish amd will eventually kill them if it's drastically low. This could be a cause of the clamping, along with the automatic feeder. I think the pet store owner told you wrong. We're just trying to help.
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