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When is it time to let go....

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I think my Poor girl Perch has a Tumor on her chin. I have tried everything to treat it (Epsom salt, Aquarium salt, Fungus cure, Indian Almond leaves, to a good old fashion clean tank.) I thought it was an infection, than thought is was lymphocystis but it looks more and more like a Tumor. =( Her Gills are starting to open up from it getting larger and a white thing is now on the lump. She is trying to eat but at times she cannot and spits it out. Do you think its time to put her down? T^T I tried to get good shots of it. I looked closer and there is no fungus around it. the bur on the lump is the camera.

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Honestly, it is up to you. If you feel that he is suffering and there is no way for him to improve then maybe it is time to let it go. Only you can make that choice though.
I think I am going to try one more thing before having to make the hard choice. Looking at her gills, her inside looks black and red... I feel so bad for her... =(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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