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Where do you get your name inspirations?

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I always love hearing the stories of people naming their fish, so ramble on.

Mine are:
Drew is a natural alpha and likes to be paid attention to. I named her after a charcher in Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero (a daughter of Aphrodite)
Luna is a night-dweller and is quiet but really weird. She hides in weird nooks and even disappears sometimes. I named her after Luna Lovegood.

I'm planning on getting some new girls tomorrow and might use Aela (The Huntress from Skyrim), Clove (from Hunger Games), and Azura (Skyrim) as names if the girls fit the names.
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Story time.
i brought home my crowntail and put him in my ten gallon tank and he was like " Wow" and he swam around the tank flaring randomly it was very funny and he was challenging the filter to the fight and I made the comment that he was a "Spazz" and the name stuck.
My bettas almost always get named the first thing that comes to my mind, which accounts for some of the weird and wacky names they've had in the past. Thought right now almost all of my bettas are named after characters from supernatural!
I name mine after Basketball Players. Oh, so if some of you guys name them after Mythology Gods, I can't name mine from my Favorite Sport? That's Cold.
Hehhehe... Jk.But seriously.
Lebron is my Avatar Picture. He's red. Which reminds me of Miami. Heat.
He has a white face. For some reason. And Lebron James had a white headband before.
I name my bettas after there personality, color, finnagge, appearance. My gunmetal halfmoon male's name is shadow because of his colors. My other fish's name is show off because of how much he flared when I first got him
I use random names. Lol. I have several with Spanish names, Reina, Nina,,Fernando and Poco.
Kyon is a character from Haruhi Suzumiya which is one of my favourite anime series.

The Bronze cories have traditional cat names.

The one thing I have a big interest in apart from fish keeping is movies and usually asian horror or cult horror. I also love anime so names of choice reflect this.

I like the name Dae-su for my next. He was the main charecter from my favourite Korean movie, Oldboy or Kiriyama from Battle Royale or Spaulding from House of 1000 corpses.

My cats are called Topcat and Benny The Ball from the cartoon Topcat :)
Well, I had 2 Bettas before.... a blue one and a red one ( Both females ) I named the blue one BlueBerry and they red one StrawBerry. After that I named all the catfish that I got for their tank, of their colour and than Berry.

BlueBerry- Blue Female
StrawBerry- Red Female
BlackBerry- Black Male Catfish
YellowBerry- Yellow Female Catfish
OrangeBerry- Orange Male Catfish
StripBerry- Stripped Male Catfish
ScallyBerry- Scally Male Catfish
GaryBerry- Male Mystery Snail

Haha I know my names are funny, LOL
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All of these are soo cool. I think it's really neat when you can find a fitting theme (like the Berrys) or just name them on what they do and act like. When I get my new girls today, they're probably going to be named mostly after video games or books and movies.
I name my betta's after the gems or colors that they match most closely. Diamond is my white halfmoon who has bits of yellow in his bottom fins and he started the trend because I could just not think of anything better. Which is how I came up with Amethyst, Sapphire (Illusion), Marble-Jade and Jasper (Steel) after.

Just makes me wish I could find a red I liked so I could have a Ruby or Garnet in there.

For the "other additions" to my tanks I went with names of characters from a game I've been involved with because I'm a dork like that.
Wow, I love all these names! Great ideas!
Sadly, my bettas pasted....
Raph got his name 'cause he's got red, and I thought of Raphael (TMNT BABEH) and yeah.

The Rev's named for The Rev of A7X. I thought of Jimmy when I was staring at my pretty on the way home after buying him. And thought his colors were so pretty and he looked so happy, even in the teeny cup. Reminded me of Jimmy and how care-free and spirited he was. So he Became The Reverend Tholomew Plague, The Rev! <3
All of my bettas are and will continue to be named after Skyrim characters. In fact, all of my fish and aquarium related stuff have Skyrim names.

Paarthurnax - dragon scale betta and very friendly, so the name suited him
Alduin - halfmoon double tail that's all black with awesome blue scaling. Not a dragon scale betta, but good enough for the name :p

Then I had Fus, Ro, and Dah, my comet goldfish. Only one remaining is Ro right now :( She will have friends again though.

I also have a Venus Fly Trap named Krosis after the dragon priest mask.

Edit: I would like to add that my boyfriend and myself are huge gamers and we plan to name all of our pets after video games. I think our future Australian Shepherd is going to be named "Wheatly" from Portal. Not sure about our future cat, Chameleon, or bird though :p
My son named mine.

General Tso- he was eating Chinese food
Rex- annoying puppet on Victorious
Cooper- after Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory
Bandit- I have no idea where he got that from
Decided to name my next fish after super heros. Marvel of course.
And then I want to have some named after all the doctors and then some companions... and of course a beautiful deep blue female named T.A.R.D.I.S.
Decided to name my next fish after super heros. Marvel of course.
And then I want to have some named after all the doctors and then some companions... and of course a beautiful deep blue female named T.A.R.D.I.S.
;3 I can so go with the doctor theme.
I'm just glad some one got the reference I already named a cory Dalek :)
Galileo and Aristotle are both names after famous figures in history.
Galileo theorized that the earth rotates around the sun, not the other way around, and also invented the telescope to prove this theory true.
Aristotle (name meaning "the best purpose") was a philosopher, and a teacher of Alexander the Great.
I'm getting into a streak of naming my fish after famous faces in ancient history.
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