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I don't want to have to purchase 1 food for every type of critter (I have 2 types of betta pellets and one tin of freezedried blood worms).

I have an unnamed boy betta, 3 platies, and 4 ghost shrimp (I will add more shrimp later).

Petsmart has an incredible clearance sale on frozen shrimp/blood worms/tubifex worms/other frozen num-noms.

I know my betta loves the freezedried bloodworms, so he'd love the fresher frozen ones.

However, will the shrimp and platies love them, too?

Also, are bloodworms a good diet for bettas when fed soley? The worms are his favorite.

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What you have to feed also depends on how heavily planted as microbes (I think that's what they're called) on the plants will help feed the Ghosties and Platys.

You could get by with New Life Spectrum Betta food and a good, basic tropical fish food.

To me, frozen foods are more of a treat than a staple diet for a Betta. I even have to be careful with my Dario hysginon when I feed frozen bloodworms because they can cause obesity and other problems.
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