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Which water should I use?

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My head is spinning from everything I've been researching about the best water for my betta. I've had him for about 3 months and he is in an unfiltered, heated 1 gallon cube. I had been using tap water conditioned with Prime for his water changes (100% once to twice a week). I recently tested my tap water and realized that the water straight from the tap has 1.0ppm Ammonia. I tested my Pur filtered water from the fridge door and it read .25ppm Amm so for the last couple of water changes I used that. I switched from Prime to Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus because it said that it adds trace elements...which I read are removed by the Pur filter.

Also, he may have some fin rot due to an injury when I tried to use a cup instead of a net to remove him a few weeks ago...I accidentally broke off a couple of fin rays with the edge of the cup. I started using aquarium salt and betta fix, but i haven't seen any change so today I did 100% water change and went back to my tap water treated with Prime and nothing else.

If someone could let me know which water option is better: the tap water with ammonia treated with Prime or the filtered, fridge water treated with Betta Bowl Plus. I worry about the ammonia in the tap water only being neutralized for 24 hours with the Prime. But is filtered water lacking important minerals?:hmm:

Thanks! It's amazing how this little creature has found his way into my heart. I just want to make sure that Mr. Fishburne (Lawrence) is healthy and has the best water I can provide.
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Use your tap water with Prime, change 100% every 48 hours.

Prime will detoxify Ammonia temporarily (the 48 hours). You could just add more prime instead of changing the water, but a 1 gallon is very small and needs frequent water changes anyways.

The ammonia will still show in the test kits, because it is still there, but it is in a non-toxic form. Unfortunately there is no way to test specifically which form of ammonia, at home at least.

Edit: I should use this as an opportunity to put a plug in for buying a larger aquarium for your Betta, 5 gallon minimum. He'll be happier, healthier, you can cycle it, and you'll only have to do a partial water change once a week (once cycled).
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