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Which water should I use?

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My head is spinning from everything I've been researching about the best water for my betta. I've had him for about 3 months and he is in an unfiltered, heated 1 gallon cube. I had been using tap water conditioned with Prime for his water changes (100% once to twice a week). I recently tested my tap water and realized that the water straight from the tap has 1.0ppm Ammonia. I tested my Pur filtered water from the fridge door and it read .25ppm Amm so for the last couple of water changes I used that. I switched from Prime to Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus because it said that it adds trace elements...which I read are removed by the Pur filter.

Also, he may have some fin rot due to an injury when I tried to use a cup instead of a net to remove him a few weeks ago...I accidentally broke off a couple of fin rays with the edge of the cup. I started using aquarium salt and betta fix, but i haven't seen any change so today I did 100% water change and went back to my tap water treated with Prime and nothing else.

If someone could let me know which water option is better: the tap water with ammonia treated with Prime or the filtered, fridge water treated with Betta Bowl Plus. I worry about the ammonia in the tap water only being neutralized for 24 hours with the Prime. But is filtered water lacking important minerals?:hmm:

Thanks! It's amazing how this little creature has found his way into my heart. I just want to make sure that Mr. Fishburne (Lawrence) is healthy and has the best water I can provide.
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You can mix them to dilute the ammonia. However in this case you would also dilute the minerals but diluted minerals is better than no minerals, as well as diluted ammonia is better than 1.0ppm ammonia.

Long term plans include acquiring a large enough tank to hold an easy, stable cycle (5 gallons+) or get some plants to soak up that extra ammonia so you can resume using your tapwater safely with prime.

Plant Guide:
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