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I disagree... your water change schedule is spot on. The water can be too clean, which can cause illnesses to happen more frequently with your fish because of a too sterile environment.

As for your guy, it looks as if he may possibly have Lymphocytosis..

The virus that causes Lymphocystis infects fish fin and skin cells and causes them to enlarge significantly. At the outset of the infection, the infected cells may appear as white pinpricks- very similar to ich and other such diseases, thus making proper diagnosis difficult. However, as time goes on, these cells may enlarge and/or clump together to form nodules, lesions or lumps that can be larger than two millimeters in diameter. At the end part of this stage- which usually occurs in about the fourth week of infection- the engorged cells burst and the material inside them is released into the aquarium water. Sometimes when that happens it can cause the fish to become sick.. that is also when other fish and tank items that is shared from tank to tank can become infected as well.

For now, keep his water clean with water changes of 2 50% and 1 100% per week while he is healing. There is no medication to treat and deal with this, just clean water and time. Normally this isn't dangerous to fish.. If he does become better and the cyst disappears then you can return to your correct water change routine of 1 50% and 1 100% per week with water conditioner.

I can't say it is positively 100% lymph, as the pictures are hard to see.. but the description and the fact it is on his fin is a good indicator that it is lymp.
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