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White eye??????

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My daughter's betta has developed a completely white eye on the left side. He was normal this morning!! What could this be?

He lives in a planted ten gallon, heated to 80 degrees, and filtered. He eats a mix of Hikari and Aqueon pellets and the occasional tropical fish flakes.

Help!!! Thanks!
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I've heard of scales growing over the eye occasionally, but I doubt it happens that fast. It could just be some damage to his slime coat as I have a betta with little white spots on his head and he's not acting like it's an infection at all.
How is he? Swimming and eating fine? I know blindness can cause an eye to go white, but there are other more serious things. What color is he? Would you be able to get pics? Hope its nothing serious Ianthe :(
Thanks :) He seems ok, he was swimming around fine. We feed him in the morning so I'll see if he is eating then, and maybe try to get a picture. I don't want to go take one now because he is in the girl's room and I don't want to wake them up LOL
So upon closer inspection thsi morning, I think it might be pop eye. What is best for this? An antibiotic? Do I need to remove him from the tank for treatment?
OK I was able to get a few pictures. Also, looking more closely, some of the whit appears fuzzy....could it be a fungus?

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Not sure about blindness, looks more like eye cloud to me, but I'm not sure how to treat it!Sorry!
could be a cataract or a fungus, treat for fungus and see, also, get a uv. sanitizer for ur tank, I always recomend it, it kills parasites, fungi, and reduces algae!

anyway, treat for fungus and get ur water tested
What is the best treatment for fungus? Will I need to isolate him? There is a snail and a few shrimp in there with him.
nah, fungus is highly contagious, if u dont treat the whole tank it will come back, I have never had a fungus problem, go to petco and find an anti fungal for bettas, turn off your filter, the carbon may remove it
LMAO just realized it is the RIGHT side not left haha
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