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Well it can be his slime coat from the salt.
How much aquarium salt and how long you been using? Dart around and white spot that he had at the beginning can be ext parasties. And fuzz can be his slime coat from salt and external parasites.
Are you able to raise the temperature slowly to 84*? But very slowly about 1-2* in an hour? Raising temperature will help to speed up parasites cycle so they can fall faster and you will remove them manually.
If you can't raise the temp then i would buy ich medications. If you can find meds with praziquantel,malachite green ,methlyene blue or acriflavine,Hikari Betta Revive, Kordon Rid Ich, Quick Cure.
If you have another betta DO NOT share anything between them, because they will get it too
Meanwhile do daily water changes. Do you know how to acclimate your betta when you do 100% water changes.
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