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White fuzz on anubias?

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I had a fish who grew a fungus (which was white and fuzzy), and he unfortunately passed away. I've cleaned out the tank, however did nothing to the anubias on driftwood, and put it straight back in the water...
A few days later, I have noticed white fuzz on the leaves, the exposed roots, and in amongst the stalks(?)...

So is this going to kill any fish I put in there? How do I get rid of it?

I can try and take a picture if that will help identify, just let me know.

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If it's indeed fungus (and not just algae), you could try any of the below methods:

From the Aquatic Plant Q&A at the Krib:

"How do I disinfect my plants?''

New plants may have unwanted hitchers: snails, algae or disease. Disinfection can help reduce their transmission into the tank, and can be used to remove algae growths from established plants. Beware, there is always a danger of going too far and damaging the plant itself. Some popular methods:
  • A ten minute soak in potassium permangenate (pale purple) works well; it is available in dilute form from Jungle products as "Clear Water". Permangenate is particularly good for killing bacteria and pathogens.
  • A 2-day soak in 1 tbsp/gallon of alum (buy it at drug stores) is good for killing snails and their eggs.
  • If the plants are kept in a fish-free system for three weeks, parasites like ich and velvet will die without their fish hosts.
  • A soak in a 1:19 diluted bleach solution; 2 minutes for stem plants, 3 minutes for tougher plants. Make sure to remove all traces of bleach afterwards by rinsing with water and dechlorinator. This method can kill your plants, so use only as a last resort against hell...o algae.
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