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Hi this is in regards of my Koi Betta, Niles. I'll attach all the pictures I have of him below.

For the past few weeks, I've noticed that he has this white spot on his right pectoral fins but I initially assumed it was him growing into his new scales? When he was still young, his gills were white/clear and as he grew older they were naturally filling in with the red color. However, I notice now that the right side is still a bit white and is even bigger than the left side. Could this be a parasite or fungal infection?

As far as the tank care, this is what I have. However, I did decide to do a full water change since I wanted to change out the substrate. He is currently in a temporary tank.
  • 6-gallon tank
  • Temperature 76 F.
  • Ammonia:
    • I have the Seachem AlertSeries and it says it is at a safe level <0.02 ppm
  • pH:
    • 7.6, I use the API pH test kit
  • I don't have a test kit for Nitrite, Nitrate, Hardness
  • Filter: Yes, but I haven't changed it since I got him back at the end of January
  • There was a snail that popped up on accident when I bought floating plants, but he does not have any other fish tankmates
  • The location of my tank is on my desk in the living room. My housemates and I can be kind of loud at times, in case that is an important thing with sound sensitivity.
  • Food:
    • Omega One, Betta Buffet Flakes every day
    • Freeze-dried blood worms once a week
  • Frequency: twice a day at 12pm and 8pm
  • Water changes:
    • I try to do 25% but I end up doing about 50% as I'm still learning how to properly use the tube
  • The only thing I put in the water is the aquasafe dechlorinator

Here as some pictures of Niles and his lump.

Thank you for the help!

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You are right - it definitely doesn‘t belong there.
To me it doesn‘t look like fungus, more like a cyst.

Does it move with the gill‘s movement or does it seem to be underneath the gill plate. Sorry for the question - I just like to better understand the location.

Let‘s wait until more knowledgable people than me diagnose and recommend treatment.

Clean water and (if you have) some Indian Almond leave or plain Rooibos tea would be all I can recommend in the meantime.

I keep my fingers crossed!
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