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Hey everyone,
My name is Meghan, and the craziest thing just happened to me!
I just refreshed the page on, and there were a bunch of new forum sections!

So I'm going to do one of these. As I said, my name is Meghan. I'm a freshman at the University of Vermont, and I was studying animal science, but I'm changing my major to something else that has not yet been determined...

I've had betta fish since I was in third grade, but I consider myself a noob since I only found out the correct way to keep them this year. Before I kept my fish in an unheated bowl :( But now my fish Techno has a nice 2.5 gallon, heated tank to himself, and I'm hoping to get a ten gallon tank for Christmas. I don't know if I want to divide it three ways and get 3 bettas and some shrimp and maybe a snail, or if I want to get guppies or some other type of community fish.
I love animals and I work at a doggie daycare. It's a great job. Sometimes it can be stressful, but I'd rather deal with an aggressive dog than customers...

I play guitar in a punky alt rock band called Dented Personality. We have an album out and we're going to record a new one this winter in a professional studio. We're then going to tour in the summer to promote it. It should be fun.
I also like drawing, reading, Nordic skiing, music theory, and learning about random things.

I have no idea what else to write so I'm going to study for finals (ew) now.
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