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Why did my betta die? (Warning: Pictures of dead fish)

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I just got news my betta fish Troy died today of unknown reasons. I am on vacation right now and my brother was home watching him. I did a 50% water change right before I left for vacation.

Yesterday, he was fine and ate well. This morning he was acting weird but otherwise ate. At around 3pm my brother came home and found him on his side on the bottom of the tank. He took a chopstick and poked him and he did not respond. I told him to take him out and send pictures. They are below.

Warning: Dead fish pictures below

I don't know if it was TB or not, but I told my brother to toss the chopsticks and burn the papertowel he was on. The body is now in a deli cup floating in the tank for the time being. There are two nirate snails in the tank that are alive and I told him to see if they live or not.

I just want to know what killed my betta and if I have to toss everything.
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What exactly do you mean when you say he was acting weird?

It sounds like it may be dropsy, as his stomach is bloated. But I can't say for sure.

In the third picture, it looks like blood or something coming out of his side... Is it blood? If so he could have injured himself with something in his tank.
My brother says he was hesitant in eating his pellets but he didn't give me too many details. Troy was working on healing his tail and it was healing up with ragged bits.

All his fins were red colored.
i think, your brother not really know how to feed and feeding dosage, or your fish is too old, how old is he?
I told him to feed him exactly 3 pellets in the morning and night. I don't know how old he was, got him from Petsmart a year ago.
i think he was to old, look at his face, i said maybe, sorry for being a wise guy. its my own experience :D
It could have just been age. Although the cloudy eye thing happens very soon after animals die (so I don't think his white eyes are an indicator of his age), a few of my pet store bettas have passed of what I believe to be old age roughly a year after I bought them. You have no way of knowing how old they are.
Sorry for your loss. I know how much you thought of Troy and took excellent care of him. I'm betting it was age and no one's fault.
I'm going to say age as well. Even though bettas can live for 2-3 years, most bettas that you buy at petco/petsmart tend to not live longer than 1. It sound like you too excellent care of him.

If you are concerned with harmful bacterial in the tank. Then you can always remove everything. Put your live plants (if you have them) and snails in a bucket of water. Also keep your filter cartilage wet (if you have one) and clean your tank with very hot water and vinegar.

Im sorry for your loss :(
Thank you for the comments everyone. I don't know when I'll get another pet but not any time soon. At least I know what happened and that he's not in pain anymore.
he does look very bloated, but you would have to ask your brother for more details. I feel bad for you, im sure troy lived a happy life.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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