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We had a thread in the disease section and OFL decided Toby was just getting old. Here is a link to it.

We suspect that OFL is right, and that our Toby is just getting old and won't be around much longer. But we are curious to know why his fins continue to disappear at an alarming rate. Our avatar is a picture of him before these problems started, so you can see how much he has changed. There is a tiny bit of black at the base of his anal fin that you can see in the first picture, but that is it, so we don't think it is fin rot (our other Betta, Ares, had it in December, and this seems to be different). The edges aren't jagged either so we don't think it is tail biting (Ares also bit a large piece of his tail off several weeks ago so we know what it looks like too). Is there any explanation for this other than that he's just getting old? He is still in the ES Salt and has 25% water changes daily, with 1-2 50% changes weekly. His water is kept very clean, and his temperature fairly constant (with our little hydor 7.5 watt we have to watch it, but he is usually between 78-83. He doesn't swim much, and his swimming is rather uncoordinated, poor guy has to work harder to swim without fins--but looks very happy when we say hi to him, and his appetite is just as good as every-he has always loved his food. He seems to spend most of his day 'perched' atop his thermometer or heater suction cup. We have also noticed a kind of 'buoyancy' (after a water change), and he never hangs out at the bottom of his tank as he used to. we just keep him comfortable until he goes, or does anybody have any suggestions that might help him recover somewhat? Thanks so much-we sure appreciate all of the help we've received on this forum!:)


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