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... Why...?

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The entire sorority... is gone...

I dont know what happened.... It was fine one day, and then the next they... Just started dropping like flies... One right after the other, i lost eleven girls in two days... All i have left is Winter... They passed so fast i couldnt even treat with medications.... I dont even know what was wrong with them...

And it was only the bettas that got sick, the platies and guppies are completely unaffected.... I lost one frog, but the other two are just fine, and my loaches are freaking immortal, im sure of it... They have lived through columnaris, and now this mystery mass death...

So... Goodbye


Also, goodbye to all of the others i have lost recently... Im so sorry i didnt know how to help you...
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Thank you... I am still at so much of a loss... i dont know what to do...
:( What a rough day. I'm so sorry. At least they went on quickly and did not have to suffer for weeks. So hard to lose so many at once though... <3 <3 I hope whatever happened never happens again. :(

Freak things like this happen sometime. I'm so sorry you had to go through it. :(
NOOOOOOOO! I'm so sorry! :( I loved Pumpkin.. Her name is so perfect.. I love Halloween. I hope you recover from this tragedy dear :)
am so sorry gizmo i know how it feels to loose 3 sororities :((
Aw, I'm so sorry! It's hard enough to lose just one fish, let alone an entire sorority so quickly. Hopefully Winter is alright, and I'm so sorry about the rest - hopefully that never happens again. :c
Thank you all so much... also far Winter is still going strong, showing no signs of illness.. i don't know if i will try again with the sorority, i am going to just leave it a one bett
a community...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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