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Hey all! Relatively new to wild bettas, but have been generally fishkeeping for about 5 years. As such I am caring for these guys best I can until I find out their exact species and can figure out what exactly they need.
I’ve seen a fair few posts where the original issue is that they were incorrectly labelled or not labelled at all when bought - unfortunately I got hit by this too! They couldn’t tell me anything other than ‘wild betta’.
I’ve only got photos of one of the two as the other is very shy, but they’re the same species - as far as I’m aware a male and a female, as they were sold to me as a pair.

could somebody help me be certain of which betta species these guys are so I can care for them properly? They’re in a (covered!) 23g blackwater tank with shrimp, Pygmy cories and some chilli rasboras. There’s also five endler males vacationing in there as I’m caring for them for a friend, but they’re not staying.
Wow those are gorgeous. I agree with Feanor that they belong to coccina. Do you remember the name of the place/person you purchased them from?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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