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I currently have a 20 gallon female betta sorority. In this tank there are 6 female bettas, 4 platys (3 female/1 male), 4 Otos, and 2 ADFs. The tank is planted with live plants, with the temp being around 75-78 degrees. I really would like to add another type of fish and Neons would be great because they look awesome and are small. I was thinking of getting 5 but was wondering if this would overstock my tank.

On AqAdvisor is says if i add the 5 Neons i'll be at 120% capacity and will have to peform a weekly water change of 39%. My filter is an Aquaclear 50 but i also have a spare 20 gallon filter that i could add to this tank so it has 2 filters. Also, on AqAdvisor it says my Filter capacity for the above fish is 123% and they say if its above 100% then you are in good shape.

In conclusion, would adding 5 Neon tetras be too much for my tank? Would it be too much for my bettas to handle?
If 5 neons are to much any other suggestions for fish would be great.

My AqAdvisor can be found here:
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