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Hi guys! With Christmas right around the corner and me putting distance between myself and the people I would normally be churning away at making holiday cards for, I thought I might offer to put that effort towards you guys!

For $10 I will design you a custom holiday or greeting e-card. For $15, I will make the card and mail it to you. Anything ordered before the 18th will be sent out by the 20th by the USPS(they claim anything sent by then will make it in time for Christmas).

I can also draw your betta. $5 for a sketch, $10 for line art, and $15 for color.

Here are a few examples of cards and aquatic art that I've done to give you an idea of what I'm capable of:

But the fun doesn't end there! I am also offering custom crafted tank decor! I use aquarium safe clay to make you something unique for your betta tank! Whether you want a cute little 2" dragon like the one shown below for your fishie or a fancy archway, I can make something for your tank that meets your specifications. These are harder to price without knowing what you would like done but to give you an idea, something tiny like the above mentioned dragon would probably cost about $5 while bigger and more complex pieces could go up toward $100 or more. If you're interested in ordering, we'll discuss the details of what you would like vs pricing to make sure that the price works for you before anything is agreed upon. Shipping is not included in the price of the decor but if you order several pieces, I will package and ship them together to save on shipping. I will also let you know what shipping will cost BEFORE you order so that its not some kind of surprise fee at the end.

Anyway, here are some examples of tank decor I've made as well as a few other sculpture pieces to give you an idea of my capabilities:

So there you have it! One final note: I will consider trades of plants, fish, invertebrates, and other aquarium related items for commissions! If you have something that you think might be worth bartering, please PM me to discuss it!
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