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Wooow, you know you live in mosquito country when...

1504 Views 11 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  TuiAndLa find a mosquito laying eggs in your fish tank. o_0

I walked into my room and saw something on the top of the water in one of my betta's tanks. Upon taking a closer look, I realized it was a mosquito. A mosquito who drowned? That's odd.... In mid movement of going to pick him out... I saw a tiny white thing right behind it and then realized.... Woooow! This thing was laying an egg raft.

What makes it especially odd is that I just cleaned all their tanks today, rinsed everything out (small, 1.5 gallons). I've read that mosquitoes like aged water with algae since that is what the larvae eat (but there was no algae in there before either). But.... go figure.

To make it even funnier, I set out a bucket with water daaays ago in hopes of harvesting mosquito larvae for my fish and somehow, I have yet to see larvae in it. But they're gonna lay eggs right in my fish tank. xD

Edit- I scooped the egg raft out and the mosquito finally flew off (I poked it a couple times and he (or rather, she? lol didn't move at first). So we'll see if they hatch. lol Maybe find some algae for them outside. xD Man, this is crazy!
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You should have killed the mozzie and fed it to the fish. ;) Odysseus *loves* freshly killed mosquito...and spider...and anything else... :p

I hope they hatch and give you a plentiful supply of tasty little wrigglers.
Haha, oh definitely! I always feed them mosquitoes. =D In fact, last night, they were so bad after a rainfall, that in 3 smacks, I got about 25 mosquitoes off of my dog (when I brought him in from outside, & that was just 25% of how many were on him). o_0 Poor dawgie, making sure I bring them in before it gets dark from now on.

Anyway, yea my bettas had those delicious mosquitoes for breakfast just now. lol
Lol, the poor dog! "I get smacked to feed the fish? I don't understand!!!" :p
They hatched!! =D lol

It's been a few days and I hadn't seen anything change, besides the egg raft turning black after the first night... So I was going to just pour the little egg raft in the tank for my betta to eat. lol Then I noticed the raft was broken into 3 pieces and when held to the light from the window, I saw tons of larvae swimming around! This is exciting. xD

So I got some water from my outside bucket, that's nice and dirty. lol I hope they live and get big enough for my fishies. lol Man, this is awesome. haha
Interesting. Thanks for posting this thread. It made me realize I had a related question, haha :)
I am sorry but that is such an Australian thing to say! :p haha!
I had a friend that moved here from Australia. One day he said the phrase "I love me some good chook on the barbie!" I was in tears.

I'm pumped for mosquitos! We should have them by April! I bet Gilbert misses late night mosquito snacks.. And Maja has yet to taste the joy that is mosquito. But she's a pig shell love em.
Oh dear...I'm becoming Australian! :p
I will NEVER say barbie, choock, arvo, *****, convo, lege, or anything else like that, though. :p
I am guilty of 'mozzie', 'chooks' and 'barbie'.

I shall never, ever say 'sanga' though. :lol:

My mozzie breeder bucket was tipped over, so I have to start again.. hopefully not too late in the year, there's still a few flying around so cross fingers.. the bettas really love those wrigglers.
Whew, those things are already double the size they were when they hatched. Can you believe in all this time, I have yet to find any larvae in my bucket outside? And now it just POURED two days in a row and our whole yard is flooded. xP

Anyway, I got a pic of the lil things. lol I actually found a mosquito in the pupa stage outside one day and fed it to my fish. =D I'm wondering, should I let the larvae get to pupa stage before feeding them? They're bigger at that stage, so... more food, right? lol

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I feed them at that wriggly stage you've got there. My fish love it, and they get to chase them/jump for them. I have no idea what the stages are. :p
Oh lol Well they get bigger than they are now. They'll at least double in size again before hitting the pupa stage. At the pupa stage, they're like these round ball things with little tails and they spin/swim just like the larvae. But they're quite a nice size at that stage. Prob about the size of a small housefly. I think I'll wait 'em out. =P
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