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Worm looking things came out of female betta then wiggled there way back in!!!

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ok so i was cleaning princesses tank it is a 1.5 gallon so i have to put her in a cup, i usally scoop her up with the cup but this time i tried to use a net, well she didn't like that and fell out onto the table, then onto the carpet, i was calm and got her into the cup after about a minute maybe? when i put her in her cup at first i thought she got some carpet fibers on her BUT NO THEY WERE WHITE LUMPY STRANDS COMING OUT OF HER BUNS, there where 3-4 seprate strands, i tried to take some pictures but they went back into her in about 30-45 seconds, i could draw what i saw if needed, but good lord it looked terrifiying

she is acting fine right now, she did get some stress stripes though, but now they are fading, she isn't to happy with me and is kinda trying to attack me through the glass, and i dont blame her, i think they came out because, much like humans, she clenched her buts because she was scared, what is it, help, im scared for my baby :(
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Uum.., that's a scary mental picture. It is possible that they were fibers and she just got them off of her real fast or that it was butt mucus/puss but I would keep an eye on her and see... Are you sure it went into her? I've heard of nematodes appearing but never of them entering fish
yeah im sure, i saw them go back in
Holy smoke... that's scary. Does this match what you felt you saw?

1. Cestodes And Flagellates

Cestodes, or flatworms, are a common and very treatable variety of internal parasite. They live in the fish’s internal organs and muscles--over time, they can cause serious damage to the fish’s vital tissues as they leech energy and nutrients from their host. Flagellates, like hexamita, live in the digestive tract and sap the fish of vital nutrients derived from food.


Physical: Paleness, loss of body mass, ragged fins, distended belly, constipation, white, stringy, or otherwise abnormal feces.
Behavioral: Loss of appetite, the fish slowly becomes more and more lethargic.
Holy smoke... that's scary. Does this match what you felt you saw?
looks like a tape worm, how would one fix that?
Fish can get tapeworms, as living in fish is part of the tapeworm life cycle, but it would be very very hard for a fish living in an isolated environment indoors to be infected. Do you feed live daphnia?
Although I should add that a fish infected with tapeworms doesn't actually have them in the digestive tract, but rather the larvae develop as lumps in the fish's tissue.
There are two options for what happened. Either it was as many suspect here a parasite, or your girl hit the table hard enough to cause her colon to prolapse (stick out of her).
If it was the latter then luckily it righted itself quickly and a good thing, if the former then you may need to look into an internal parasite medication. It may even explain why she jumped since sometimes a placid fish will jerk and jump when suffering from internal upsets.
i do not feed live food, i went out today and got food that is like an edible medicine for parasites just in case, i dont think it was her colon because their were 4 seperate strands, but im going to do a round of food just in case
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