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I'm not sure how this happened. I think it might have been when i brought my new black molly home the other night. My betta fish (Arthur) thought it was another betta, and to make matters worse it seemed to like him and kept following him around when (as we know) He likes his SPACE.

Unfortunately, me being clumsy and tired, i let them in the community tank together the whole night. :(

Worst mistake ever! I woke up to find the black molly was attacked around one gill, the top of it's body, and a back fin. (i feel terrible) So i took Arthur out so the molly could heal in warm tank water.

Next day this weird little infection pops up on Arthur. I tried feeding him and he's resisting it, I'm supposing because of pain..

How will I cure this and what is it! I love my betta so much. :(

This is a picture:


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