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Yet Another For My Pack

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Say hello to this beautiful little guy, Gemini!

He's a male Delta, and I'd imagine that color is called a white and blue/red/black marble? Or along those lines?
I bought him yesterday, and he's betting a tank upgrade (by over a gallon and a half) tomorrow. So far I haven't seen him flare, even when floated with another male for pictures (failed) and when his tank was out beside an aggressive male's. That's good in my book, but I'd like to see that little tail fluff out! He's kept it slack since I got him, and no manner of pestering will get him to flare. xD Help on that one?
So, what do you think? This may not be the best of pictures to show his fins, but even for a Delta they're short, and I'm wondering if he might be a cross-bred somewhere in those lines. Bought him at Petco, so I wouldn't be surprised.
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He is beautiful and a great petco find, and if he in new he might need time to adjust before flaring
He is pretty! If you haven't tried a mirror yet, you could give that a try.
I have a very soft spot for marble bettas as my very first fish was a marble betta fish many years ago. He's very gorgeous indeed! I had a hard time getting my current betta to flare when I first brought him home. After a few weeks he was more than happy to flare at his reflection, so maybe your little guy just needs some time. I also read that some bettas are just the submissive type and won't flare much, or if at all.

As Blueridge suggested, you could try using a mirror. My mirror comes with a magnified mirror on the back and I like to use that to get my boy to flare since he sees a much bigger fish on the other side!

If you see a bubble nest, try dipping a colorful straw next to it (without disturbing the nest) to see if he'll flare at that. My boy loses interest from the mirror so sometimes I'll have to dip a colorful bendy straw by his nest to get his attention and I'll let him chase it around the tank away from the nest. It's rather fun to watch.

Cheers on your new boy!
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