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This happens to me all the time, I wonder, man these two fish would make awesome fry! But I never got around to spawning them but would imagine how pretty they're fry would be.

So post photos of you bettas who you think would make stunning fry if you where to spawn them. And don't worry about genetic defects or anything, it's just fantasy :)
Here's mine, I have quite a few since some of these fish go back pretty far.

Alucard(HMfeathertail) and Integra(HM)

Glorfindel(HMPK) and Seras(HM)

Unnamed(OHMRT) and Cricket (HM) or Integra

Dragon(HMPK) and Seras(HM

Unnamed girl, with either of her 2 unnamed brothers. She'll definitely be spawned with her gold brother :)
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