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If there was a fish tank fairy... what would you ask her for - and why?

Here's my fish wish:

Because I have fallen in love with B. macrostoma - they're beautiful, of course, and they are endangered in their native environment. I'd like to be a part of keeping this magnificent species alive. Plus, they have the cutest grumpy-faces. :lol:

My ideal tank for this fish is a huge & heavily planted paludarium (not quite as pictured, though - I'd want more water in there!):

Mainly as I love plants, too, especially semi-aquatic and tropical plants. This is just my perfect set-up, only with lots more water (longer, and with perhaps sloping 'banks') and with some little epiphytic orchids in the mix.

SIGH. A girl can dream.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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