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I had a 2.5g Aqueon/AGA glass tank (standard dimensions, 12x6x8, I think). I couldn't find a hood for it, but I got a glass top, similar to the one Tappy4me posted:

There's a few others like it posted on Amazon. However, it was just a slab of glass plus stick-on handle - no hinge or vinyl back as the description states.

I am on the lookout for a good hood fixture for a 2.5gal standard tank. Here's some of the things I've found online:
- 12" Catalina:
- 10" Catalina ( plus legs (
- A DIY wooden enclosure: plus light kit:
- Zoo Med makes a 12" terrarium hood. I don't know how you would go about waterproofing it for aquarium use:
- Aqueon makes a 12" strip light you can put over a glass canopy:

Keep us posted on what you end up doing!
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